The Two Broads Talking Politics #VoteHerIn segment covers the movement to elect our first woman POTUS. Rebecca Sive, author of Vote Her In: Your Guide to Electing Our First Woman President, guests, exploring with Kelly & Sophy why electing our first woman president asap really, really matters, and how every woman can be a part of making this dream come true.



About Rebecca Sive

Rebecca has been a feminist community organizer and writer since her college days advocating for reproductive rights. Before she wrote Vote Her In, she wrote Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House. Today, Rebecca’s vision in these books of an American future filled with women candidates is being realized. She couldn’t be happier: #YesSheCan. For more about Rebecca, go here. Feel free to write to her here. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.